The Gombeen Strikes Again

The Healy-Raes making news for espousing ill-informed and biased opinions is not news in itself. We seem to be living in the era of unqualified Gombeen politicians making up ‘facts’ everywhere. One could be forgiven for thinking it was 1950 rather than 2017 while reading the daily political news. 

In this article an Irish mother who’s son was killed by a drunk driver is expressing her outrage at the Kerry politician’s claims that a few glasses of Guinness have never led to a drink-related driving fatality. 

By the way he owns a pub. 

Let’s support people standing up to this insidious, yet harmless seeming, Gombeen style of politics in Ireland and America. Policy should be created based on impact measurements, analysis and stakeholder engagement; not loudly stated ignorance. 

Read the Irish Independent article here – Miseducation by Danny Healy-Rae