Debate for TheJournal.ie

Assignment for TheJournal.ie YES. Being American and growing up surrounded by health education and open diagnoses regarding substance abuse, I, of course, think everyone is an alcoholic and should go to … Continue reading Debate for TheJournal.ie

Beyond Representation: Exploring the Credibility Gap in Public Service

More women voting on our legislation is critical—but what about the power of us women already working in politics?

Maine’s Forgotten Adults Adrift in a System in Crisis

Maine’s forgotten adults adrift in ‘a system in crisis’ after years of neglect

Irish Catholicism and Feminism

Is Catholic feminist an Oxymoron?

Opinion: ‘The government won’t remove the Church from its authority over social services until we demand it’

It will take legal challenges on the grounds of gender discrimination to fully remove the Catholic Church from publicly-funded services, writes Colleen Hennessy.

We Need Women’s Voices in Media- Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

Our media landscape is currently flooded with women’s stories. Harvey Weinstein’s flagrant history of sexual assault and harassment, ironically, temporarily allowed women representation in key commentary forums. A snowball effect … Continue reading We Need Women’s Voices in Media- Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

Brut Live Interview

Link to Media Interview about #MeToo

The Irish Times Health Supplement

Why I ‘Stand in Awe of all Mná’ Voting to Repeal the Eighth

Rewire.news essay

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