I write because…

I love precision.I write because it makes me listen to my own thoughts. I write to put an end to ruminating, circling, bouncing thoughts. I love words because they can represent huge worldly ideas in one small sentence. I write because sometimes I prefer to read what you have to say than listen to your voice. I write because I get sick of my own voice. I write to put my own life in perspective.

I write to put nebulous unproductive worries or anxieties into surmountable steps. I write to make plans. I write to communicate plans to other people. I write to share ideas. I write to prove my idea, plans or projects are sound. I write because its sometimes too easy to speak.

I write to convince people of my ideas. I write to help other people clarify their ideas and opinions. I write to help organizations put their mission and projects into perspective. I write to help groups stop talking in circles. I write because eventually the meeting has to end.