Annabel Karmel eat your heart out.

It is pretty obvious why I don’t read mommy blogs (and frankly don’t believe any of them).  While cooking Annabel Karmel’s sticky salmon recipe this evening my two year-old peed in the kitchen in brand new pants that I had told her not to put on because she’d pee in them but she’d grabbed and put them on anyways.  She peed while having a tantrum for snacks.  I cleaned up the pee, yelled at her against all advice and common sense but I couldn’t help myself, then finally got the salmon in the oven.  When the rice, vegetables and salmon were all needing attention she then grabbed a dish and dropped it on the floor in bare feet with a bare bum.  While I grabbed her off the broken crockery and consoled/scolded (notice a pattern?), I reached for the dustpan and found an inch of water under the sink which then started leaking out.  I cleared everything out that was sitting in water, drained the rice, checked the fish and vegetables.  After sticking a cup under the leaking pipe, I called the kids, burned my finger on the lethal ‘sticky salmon marinade’ and ran it under cold water which I was pretty sure was just pouring straight out into my cup under the sink. I lovingly served (slopped) dinner and then ran to the bathroom.  Just as I made the fatal mistake of peeing, my four-year old yelled “Mom, Meabh just poured milk in her dinner”.  I almost cried but instead came out and took these photos for my food styling business and waited with a smile for my husband to pull in the driveway.  Please tell me this happens in other houses and you are not all mom-trepreneurs or something equally hard to believe.

Mid-cooking leak and broken crockery chaos
Sticky Salmon swimming in milk