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FAQ Wayfair Business

Wayfair is not only ‘a zillion things home’. Wayfair Business partners with businesses of all sizes to cover their furniture, fixtures and equipment needs through our commercial site WayfairSupply.com.

Who can join?

An interior designer with one client and plans to open her own firm. An international hotel chain that is renovating their restaurant. A tech startup with five employees in a large warehouse space with plans to ramp up to 40 employees within 12 months. Any customer who does purchasing for a business and needs award winning customer service should join today.

What do you do?

Complete the online application and you will hear from our business enrollment team. The more information you provide about your role, your business and any immediate projects, the faster we will find you the best solution. A member of our business enrollment team will call you to gather any further information and make sure we choose the right business team for you.

What’s the catch?

The Wayfair Business program is free and our customers experience savings ranging from 10-20% across the site. Businesses who work with our account managers on large projects save themselves time, money and headaches.


(Intro e-mail via Pardot campaign)

Welcome to Wayfair Business We don’t just sell rugs and couches. We sell commercial products (and stylish décor) to a range of industries.

  • Wayfair Business sells total business solutions that can help you renovate an entire office space from floor to lights to desks.
  • Wayfair Business gives you a pro price across all our website every day.
  • Wayfair Business includes a design service and coordinate shipping and installation as part of the deal (for free!)
  • Wayfair Business gives access to additional brands and styles through an account manager so don’t despair if you can’t find the right industrial modern pendant light for your bar, just call!
  • Wayfair Business understands you don’t just need one patio dining set but need 35 commercial grade dining sets so call us and we will help with bulk orders and price negotiation.

I am your business account manager and will be your only point of contact at Wayfair.com.

Yes, that means no more calling our customer numbers and waiting on hold. Just call me and I will make sure you get the best product for your business needs at the best price and get it on time.

Please reach out by phone or email and confirm a convenient time for us to talk about your business. My direct line is 857-xxx-xxx.






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